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Sometimes, you get this surreal feeling that the world is a Monty Python film.

This is a perfect case of it. One local congressman in the US state of Georgia has introduced a bill which could criminalise miscarriages unless the woman could prove that it was caused without human interference. This rivals the Sudanese attempt to stone a teacher because of a Teddy Bear, as well as the Pakistani Blasphemy laws.

While I hold no doubt that this law would fail to pass, I am still shocked and outraged that there could be an electorate significant enough to support a bill which is so extreme that it not only defies the values which civilised society has fought for so long a time to establish, but also reason and science (it is still impossible to prove exactly whether a miscarriage is “natural” or not), and would require draconic control over females in order to uphold.

Significantly enough, the bill was introduced by a congressman instead of a congresswoman. It is indeed very easy for males to be judgemental about females and introduce measures which, if enacted, would severely restrict the liberties of the latter. Males do not leap any risk of getting pregnant, and therefore do not leap any risks for miscarriages.

This abuse of political power is just one example of what is happening when power is centralised, and could be misused to satisfy the feelings of anger of the population, by directing  the anger against minorities, females and those who are different. The more impoverished and desperate a population is, the more it seems like the rulers try to satiate their “bloodlust” by public spectacles. In countries where people are disenfranchised, impoverished and alienated from any influence whatsoever over resources, public floggings and executions are generally not that unusual, as well as killings of people deemed as “undesirables”.

Instead of trying to abolish misery by punishing those suffering by it, we should strive to build up a future where all human beings have access to the fruits of production, balanced with the ability of nature to provide. We need to build a future which could last at least five hundred years.

That could only be achieved by beginning to build up the foundations for a global, sustainable system.



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