The European Organisation for Sustainability

ISP providers seem eager to restrict internet access into a few highways, in order to increase their incomes. Internet is one of the most powerful tools for the people to communicate and share new ideas. This is a sphere which is largely uncontrolled – albeit not unmonitored – by corporate and state-corporate interests, and it is a sphere which must be defended for the individual integrity and the creative blossoming of societies.

Here is a talk given by fellow EOS member and Director of the Sequence of Relations Raffael Kemenczy, about a brilliant new concept called “Starfish”, which essentially would turn every computer into an ISP in it’s own right, effectively immortalising the internet. We need all to struggle in order to elevate human autonomy and dignity. A world where life and creativity exists for the sake of money is no alternative, and no future – neither on the Internet or in the real world.


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